Established in 2012 in Mexico City by Sofia Aspe, her boutique Studio Sofia Aspe Interiorismo is focused on interior architecture, finishes, construction and interior design. To date, we have taken over more than 70 projects: holiday homes, apartments, houses, sample apartments, offices, beauty parlors, communal areas, ranches, restaurants, showrooms, club houses and hotels, amongst others. The projects are located in Mexico, USA, Israel and Spain.

Sofia Aspe Interiorismo Studio has developed a unique and eclectic style, where modern and contemporaneous unite in a mixed equilibrium of styles and eras, generating spaces filled with character yet timeless.

Our projects have been published in numerous editorials, covers and publications in renowned interior design and architecture magazines in Mexico, Spain, USA, Germany and China. In 2016 we receive the First Prize for Residential Interior Design of the Architects and Interior Designers Association of Mexico aka. Asociación de Arquitectos e Interioristas de México (AAI). We have been named one of the Top Ten most influential interior design firms in Mexico by AD Mexico Magazine. Design Hunter and Ambientes Magazine have chosen us as one of 100 Authorities in Architecture and Interior Design in Mexico and Latin America. In 2018, we received the Gold Medal in the Biannual of Interior Design along Frette Mexico’s CORPORATIVO.

We are the only interior design studio to be a part of the select group of members of, the leading website of MOBILIARIO, art galleries and antiquities, in the world.

Our first book was published to mark our 5th anniversary in 2017, with 300 pages profusely illustrated that tell the story of 19 iconic projects of our studio. Our second publication, will be edited by Rizzoli and will be available on Autumn 2021.

Sofia Aspe Interiorismo Studio is comprised by 15 women that offer a personalized service, attention to detail and a unique style, that has lead us to become one of the reference firms of Interior Design in contemporary Mexico.