Established in 2012 in Mexico City by Sofia Aspe, her boutique Studio Sofia Aspe Interiorismo is focused on interior architecture, finishes, construction and interior design. To date, we have taken over more than 70 projects: holiday homes, apartments, houses, sample apartments, offices, beauty parlors, communal areas, ranches, restaurants, showrooms, club houses and hotels, amongst others. The projects are located in Mexico, USA, Israel and Spain.

Sofia Aspe Interiorismo Studio has developed a unique and eclectic style, where modern and contemporaneous unite in a mixed equilibrium of styles and eras, generating spaces filled with character yet timeless.

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“Great design is timeless and responds to the needs and fantasy project of each client.”

Sofía Aspe


Each project shown is the result of rigorous planning and a constant search to work on our passion: the creation of unique and timeless spaces full with character.

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Hygee and the quarantine

Today I will like to talk about an abstract concept which is very relevant, used by Danes since the 18th century, named Hygee.

Creating Eclectic Spaces

There is a quote from Winston Churchill I keep with me often, it reads “We build our homes, and then, our homes build